At various key locations around the quad cities (Pullman/Moscow/Lewiston/Clarkston), pre-staged equipment is ready so that when called upon ARES volunteers can provide communications support during an emergency or disaster.

Another aspect to amateur radio is our ability to set up communications posts wherever needed.  Most amateur-radio operators have their own equipment, fixed, mobile, and portable.  This ability to establish communications from anywhere to anywhere at any time is a valuable resource to our served agencies and the community.

Test all of your equipment and your ability to operate from home, while mobile, and/or by setting up a portable communications station in the field.  Check your home, your car, your grab-and-go bag (a collection of equipment you can take to an incident scene in order to set up communications).  Ensure you are ready to respond when called.

In recent meetings with our served agencies, discussions included scenarios where amateur radio operators might be requested to provide communications support in the field.  Let's make sure we are ready to do that!

Our Mission

Quad Cities ARES provides tactical, logistical and administrative support and communications for all county government communications systems. This includes operations on equipment and frequencies of ANY authorized equipment or frequencies in support of ANY need by government that might be in any way connected with an eventual emergency.  This includes radio (amateur, police, fire and others) cellular, computer, e-mail, facsimile, Internet, interpersonal, microwave, satellite, telephone, television, video-conference, in-office support of personnel, and operators of equipment.

“When everything else fails, Amateur Radio often times is our last line of defense...When you need amateur radio, you really need them.”
— The Hon. W. Craig Fugate Administrator, US Department of Homeland Security, FEMA

What We've Achieved

  • Staged equipment at fire stations, schools, hospitals and water districts throughout the quad-cities region
  • Participated in emergency preparedness exercises like Cascadia Rising, 2016 and quarterly Washington and Idaho DEM exercises
  • Provided comms at local public-service events
  • Conducted training
  • Coordinated inter-operation with Red Cross and other disaster-relief agencies